Advertising & Marketing Opportunities at Otago Polytechnic

OPSA offers opportunities  to get your message out to Otago students from as little as $25.

Students, more than any other single target market, represent a major factor in the success of many companies due to their immense spending power and future loyalty. Today’s students will be tomorrow’s decision makers and trendsetters. Advertising and promotion which targets this market will have a significant and positive effect on your business income.

StudentNews Digital Newsletter

OPSA publishes a weekly digital newsletter which is  emailed to all OP students (around 4000 active accounts)

Please contact;  Lesley Scoullar for more information.


The 2016 OPSA Calendar is distributed to all OP students when they collect their ID card around 3500).

Bookings close around late November. Prices range from around $100 to $2000.

2016 Student Calendar Rates Card

Please contact: Lesley Scoullar for more information.

Sponsor an Event

OPSA runs social events for students and welcomes your involvement as a sponsor. These are usually set events (e.g. Orientation), but OPSA is happy to create an event to suit your product.

Past events include: Balls, PlayStation/XBox on the Big-Screen, Quizzes, Cook Off, Eating competitions, Pool competitions, Gumboot Tossing, Staff vs Students Soccer Match, etc…

Please contact  Lesley Scoullar for more information.

ID Card Advertising (SOLD OUT FOR 2016)

OPSA issues around 3500 student ID cards every year. As well identification, this card is used constantly throughout the entire year by most students for door access, photocopying, discounts, student services (e.g. student health & gym, etc) making it an excellent place to advertise.

Bookings for space close around mid-November, but is usually sold before this.

Prices range from $550+GST to $2200+GST. Please enquire to see the draft contract for prices and sizes from  Lesley Scoullar 

Direct marketing

OPSA offers three main forms of direct marketing, product distribution and hosted stalls.

Orientation Flyers – every Dunedin based student comes through the OPSA office to collect their ID card and Orientation materials. OPSA will include your supplied flyers for $200 per 1000 (or equivalent value in prizes/contra) or 25 cents per flyer.

Product Distribution – OPSA often gives away product samples along with ID cards, eg: coffee samples, soap, condoms, beauty products, instant noodles, etc. Orientation is the best time for product distribution, though any time is fine with us. For higher value products OPSA is happy to arrange a competition around your product as a prize.

Stalls – alternately if you want to directly promote your product or service to our members OPSA can sell you space on campus from $100 (+GST) per day or $400 (+GST) per 5 days, and we’re happy to negotiate a trade instead of cash – eg do a BBQ for our students). Typically this is good for companies with an experienced sales team who wish to target students, eg banks, insurance, discount cards, etc.

Please contact  Lesley Scoullar 


OPSA are happy to design your ad for you if you don’t have copy or a designer. Design for ads is free for the first hour of labour, and $30 per hour for ads requiring further time (most simple ads take less than an hour).

Does Advertising to Students work?

If you’re in any doubt of the number of readers who pay attention to ads in OPSA’s publications – take up the OPSA challenge: We’ll give you a totally free ad – if you print a no-catches voucher giving away your product to readers for free…


Please contact:

Lesley Scoullar Ph (03) 477-6974 |
with any advertising enquires you may have.

Note: prices do not include GST.