Please contact OPSA if you need contact details for your Class Rep.

Being a Class Rep is a very important role, this is because you are the ‘voice’ of the students at your class or course level and reps are essential in the passing of information and keeping lines of communication open. Reps get to meet many interesting people, grow personally and professionally while at the same time gain an excellent reference for their CV.

Most importantly Reps will be able to assist students and develop OPSA as a professional organisation and have input into the development of student services.

Why have Class Representatives?

Class Representatives are the link between the Polytechnic, the academic staff and the student body. Class representatives are elected to ensure there is a flow of communication between the students and the polytechnic. OPSA provides a link to aid this communication flow, especially if there is a complaint or suggestions from members of the class.

The Role of the Class / Course Representative

Class Reps are mainly concerned with academic or service matters, which can be defined as matters regarding the quality of education and service delivery and provision of student services on campus. For example, issues such as assessments, quality of teaching, access to services such as computers, course materials, after hours access and library hours. Services may include: microwaves, furniture, social events etc.

The primary role of the class representative is to convey and facilitate concerns, suggestions and issues that are raised by class members to the appropriate forum. OPSA offers direction, guidance and support in all areas of facilitation for class reps, and will act on behalf of the Class Rep if the need arises.

Each full-time course or class from each school will be asked to elect at least two (2) students to represent you during the year. OPSA will give these Reps all the support they need to fulfil this role.

Download the current handbook here:  2018-OPSA-Class-Rep-book.pdf