Queer Support

At OPSA we recognise that coming to terms with your sexuality or gender identity can often be a big deal and therefore it is good to know that there are friendly people out there who are trained to help. This is why we have formed a relationship with OUSA Queer Support and UniQ Otago.

OUSA Queer Support Centre

5 Ethel Benjamin Place Dunedin, q.support@ousa.org.nz

OUSA Queer Support Coordinator - provides information and support for Queer and Questioning students at the University of Otago and Otago Polytechnic. Part of OUSA Student Support Centre. They also have a free library full of queer-specific books, movies and TV series.


A confidential space for people who are out or coming out to discuss topics. This is held every week of the university term, get it touch with OUSA Student Support for dates.