Otago Polytechnic Students’ Association (OPSA) is an independent organisation within the Polytechnic. OPSA is run by students for students, and is all about providing for students.

OPSA’s aims are  to: Promote and supply services, facilities and amenities for students; Working towards removing barriers to education; Represent the views & concerns of students; Promote the advancement of education.

OPSA provides student support & representation services like advocacy, complaints resolution, class-rep. network, access to financial assistance, and advice. And if we can’t help there’s a good chance we can hook you up with someone who can. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you encounter problems.

OPSA also provides access to facilities & services like Clubs & Societies, UNIPOL Recreation Centre,  free pool table etc, the Student Discount Directory, Student Job Search, social events, discounted DCC rubbish bags, phone-cards & photocopying etc, your student ID card and lots more…

How do I become a member of OPSA?

Any enrolled Otago Polytechnic student can consider themselves a member of OPSA if they wish, almost all students of OP get access to OPSA’s student services. Students studying at other tertiary institutions may be able to become associate members of OPSA, please enquire.

How can I help OPSA with student support?

Information about OPSA’s student support and how to donate can be found here.

OPSA Constitution, Agendas, and Minutes

OPSA is an Incorporated Society with Charitable Status. To read our constitution please get in contact with us. For a copy of OPSA’s meeting agendas and minutes please contact Lesley Scoullar Secretary.