Budget Advice

OPSA offers FREE confidential Budget Advice to all OP students. It’s a great way to smooth out your finances and to help plan for leaner times ahead.

OPSA also has trained advisors who can also take you on as a client under the NZ Federation of Family Budgeting Service without you having to wait for an appointment with an external advisor

Make an appointment with an OPSA Advocate on (03) 477-6974 for more information.

When you have your first appointment it is helpful if you can bring as much of your financial information as you can, eg current bills and debts, bank statement or list of regular bills (eg all your direct debits or APs), etc so we can help work out an accurate financial picture.

Alternately you might like to try NZFFBS’s free online advice.

Thinking about study

This section will help you decide if going on to further study is right for you. It includes information about student life, what it will cost and the different ways you can support yourself.  There is also information for beneficiaries planning to study, and parents of intending students.

Coming to study from a benefit?

Are you or your partner currently receiving a benefit from Work and Income?  You need to make sure you know what your Allowance or Loan amount will be – there’s a good chance it’ll be less than your benefit. This section has information about whether your benefit can continue while you study, or whether you need to transfer to the Student Allowance or could get a Student Loan. Before you make any decisions it’s important to talk to your case manager.

Planning to study - do the numbers

We have put together all the tools and calculators you need to plan the money side of student life.

Sorting the money for study

Here are the main options for funding your study, and how to make them happen.  Follow these steps to get the money in place for studying, and supporting yourself.

Student life – structure your study so it’s affordable

Financially, being a student has it’s challenges.  It’s important to get a clear view of your finances, and how you can structure your study so you can afford to live.

Tools & Calculators

Here you will find resources to help with every stage of planning and funding study.

Having problems with StudyLink?

Feel free to ask OPSA’s Advocates for help if you have issues with Studylink.

Need some free Budget Advice?

OPSA offers free budget advice by qualified advisors. Contact an OPSA Advocate for more information.