Student Services

Student  Services & Facilities

OPSA operates a number of free or low-cost services & facilities for students:

Services provided at the OPSA Office

OPSA offers a range of handy office and related services: discounted phone-cards, DCC Rubbish Bags, lamination, binding and colour photocopying.  Postage stamps, envelopes and mail collection available, as well as calendars and pens, budgeting & tenancy advice and more... 

The OPSA Office is a good place to find out about advocacy, mediation, and other help.  More information.

  • Mondays to Thursdays: 9am – 4pm
  • Fridays: 9am – 3pm

OPSA also provides free student landlines, microwaves, fridges etc. on OP’s various campus sites

Student Job Search

SJS is a nationwide students’ association owned service. It aims to place students in work while they study or during the holidays, and has a high success rate.

You can register online at or contact the team by calling 0800 SJS JOB (free call).

Check out Do Good Jobs for socially and environmentally ethical jobs (founded by an former Otago Polytechnic student). More information.

Social Events

OPSA runs or hooks you up with various social events throughout the year. Check your free Polytechnic e-mail account, or keep an eye out on Facebook or the Social Events Diary on this web site.

• Orientation
• BBQs
• Social Sport
• Lunch Entertainment
• Polytechnic Graduation Parades
• Competitions

If you have any ideas or suggestions, or want to help organise events e-mail OPSA’s Events staff.

Running a School Ball? Find out how OPSA can help you run your ball.

Lost Property

OPSA deals with lost property at Otago Polytechnic. If you’ve lost or found something let us know: OPSA office, 477-6974, or contact OPSA’s staff.

• Mondays to Thursdays: 9am – 4pm
• Fridays: 9am – 3pm

OPSA stores lost property for a three month maximum, after which items may be disposed of.

Student Discounts

OPSA & OUSA organise a massive number of student discounts you can get with your regular OPSA/OP student ID-card – check out the Student Discount Directory.
If you wish to have your businesses’ discount included please contact OPSA.

Sporting Blues Awards

OPSA recognises those individuals who have achieved sporting excellence at local, national and often international levels.
In addition to being outstanding performers, recipients must have also displayed a high standard of sporting behaviour and have contributed to their club or sport (i.e. coaching, administration, leadership etc). More information.

Budget Advice

OPSA also offers FREE and confidential budget advice to all OP students. This planning is a great way to smooth out your finances to help plan for leaner times ahead. Contact OPSA’s Advocates for more information.


OP students are represented by OPSA at various levels. OPSA oversees the Class-rep system, and has representatives on various Otago Polytechnic boards and committees. The association also represents students’ views to the local community and nationally. So if something grinds your gears as a student please let OPSA know. More information.

Advocacy & Complaints

Students who are experiencing course related or personal problems are welcome to approach the OPSA’s staff who can offer confidential advice and support, or act on behalf of students. Complaints can be to do with problems with your course, your landlord, your finances – whatever is bugging you, let us know and if we can’t help we can link you up with someone who can. More information.


You have the right to enjoy your time at OP without being made uncomfortable about your age, gender, race, religion, or sexuality. Harassment of any sort is not tolerated at Otago Polytechnic.
OPSA is often the first port of call for students experiencing harassment problems. The Polytechnic has a procedure for handling complaints, and OPSA is here to support and assist students through that procedure.
If you think you are experiencing harassment from another student or a staff member, contact OPSA’s Harassment contact Lesley Scoullar, or phone (03) 477-6974, or free-call 0800-762-786 

Free Campus Phones

OPSA provides free phones for students to make local calls. They can be found at:
• Art School (P Block and N Block )
• L Block (Student Common Room)
There is a taxi phone in the Manaaki Bldg (ground floor).


To save you being spammed every day OPSA sends out a handy weekly e-newsletter with notices, features & entertainment bulletin to all OP students. To read StudentNews simply log into your OP student email account, or find a copy around the OP campus.

All students are welcome and encouraged to contribute news, articles, letters, reviews, or artwork etc to StudentNews.

UNIPOL Gym & Recreation Centre

Though OPSA Polytechnic students have FREE access to the UNIPOL facility. At UNIPOL you’ll find social and competitive sport, a gym with cardio and weight training areas, aerobics classes, volleyball and basketball courts, sporting equipment, and pool, snooker and table tennis tables, and low-cost equipment hire. Over 10,000 students use UNIPOL each week.

Unipol can be found at the Anzac Ave side of the Forsyth Bar Stadium. UNIPOL can contacted at 479-5888 or email UNIPOL to make enquiries or bookings. Though OPSA no longer owns a share of UNIPOL, OPSA was one of the original founders and was a partner in creating the new facility. More information.

OUSA Clubs & Societies Centre

The Clubs & Socs Centre is at 84 Albany St. It’s a facility where student groups can meet, and students can take a sauna, play snooker, make music or study. They also run a large number of low-cost courses, ranging from dancing to stone-carving to kickboxing.
The facility is owned by the Otago University Students’ Association, and OPSA contracts it so Polytechnic students can use it. Students can use rooms in the building at no cost.

More information

Graduation Awards

Every year OPSA gives awards for students who have given excellent service to fellow students in their school or class, by helping with course related work, attending departmental meetings on behalf, or has been an inspiration to study with etc. Contact OPSA for a nomination form.


OPSA’s accomodation advice, problem solving, and useful links can be found here.
If you’re have issue with your landlord, OPSA may be able to help. Don’t hesitate to give us a ring, e-mail, or drop in if you have issues or questions. More information.

Book Exchange

Swap-A-Book – Simply bring a book you’ve already read and swap it for a book from the exchange collection locatd in the Hub 

UNIQ & Queer Support

For all your all your questions, concerns and suggestions with regard to ‘queer’ issues on campus. More information.

Financial Assistance

OPSA gives information on finding assistance to students experiencing hardship. OPSA and Otago Polytechnic administer the student hardship fund through a committee. This committee meets weekly, and is able to offer grants and advice to students in hardship. To apply for assistance, fill out a form at OPSA.
Information on scholarships and award schemes available to students can be found on the BreakOut scholarship and funding information service (accessed via Dunedin Public Library, Port Chalmers, Mosgiel, Blueskin Bay, or Waikouaiti libraries). 

Departmental Grants

Each class may be entitled to a small grant from OPSA to help with social events, exhibitions, study and conference grants. To apply, fill in a request form at OPSA or download one from the Grants page.

Student Support Service

Who are Student Support Service and what do they offer? Check out our new video, or visit our website to learn more.